Parenting & Family Relationships

Parenting and Family Relationship Consultation

Clients seek assistance and are referred to therapists at Resolve Sydney in order to strengthen family relationships and to move forward when change can take place.

Common reasons people consult with practitioners at Resolve Sydney include areas such as:

  • parenting in cooperation with your partner,
  • parenting challenging children, and
  • navigating family relationships

Talking with an experienced professional can help family members make sense of their role in the family dynamic and teach family members how to modify or change their behaviour in order to improve their family relationships.

Resolve Sydney's parenting and family relationship consultation can involve one or all members of a family unit and aims to teach parents and individual family members to solve problems, communicate positively and develop a sense of respectful relationship building.

In accordance with ethical practice guidelines, parenting and relationship consultation or child & adolescent therapy services will not be provided to any family members that have been involved in a Family Dispute Resolution mediation within this practice.